Research Grants and Student Loans

Children's Eye Foundation has a history of funding research projects for children's vision and offering zero interest loans to indivduals specializing in Pediatric Ophthalmology. Take a look below to see the wonderful work that CEF has done through the years:

Research Projects

1983 – 1984

  • Anne B. Fulton, MD, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Department of Ophthalmology, Boston, MA for her research on retinal sensitivity and adaptation in young patients. 
  • Lois E. H. Smith, MD associate in ophthalmology at the Children’s Hospital Medical Center Department of Ophthalmology in Boston, MA, for her work in biochemical studies of retinal degeneration.


  • Diane L. Bloom 





    • “The effects of a Baby’s Strabismus on his Mother’s Perceptions, Behaviors, and Attitudes”
  • Anne B. Fulton 





    • “Dark Adaptation in Infants and Young Children”
  • Penny Glass





    • “The Effect of Continuous Illumination in the Intensive Care Nursery on the Developing Visual System of the Preterm Infant”
  • Lawrence E. Leguire, PhD 





    • “A test for Steroposis in Infants”
  • Steven S. Searl, MD





    • “Prevention of Post-Operative Adhesions by Use of a Bilogic Sleve”


  • Henry S. Metz, MD 





    • $4,000
    • Quantitative Measurement of Ocular Motility for Strabismus Management
    • Seeking to augment the ophthalmologist’s clinical experience with qualitative biomedical measurements in making diagnoses
  • Richard M. Robb, MD 





    • $5,000
    • Anatomical Study of Human Retinal Development
    • Make qualitative measurements of the rod-free area of developing human retina using autopsy materials
  • Velma Dobson, MD 





    • $4,700
    • Develop a Technique for Screening Visual Resolution in six month to three year old children
  • Llyod M. Wilox, Jr.





    • $5,000
    • The Long term effects of strabismus Procedures on anterior Segment Physiology
  • J. Allen Gammon, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and chief of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus at Emory University Clinic, Atlanta, GA, for his work on animal models for amblyopia research


  •  Study of the Velocity of Saccadic Eye Movements in the Vertical and Oblique Fields





    • Principal Investigator: Frederick J. Elsas, MD
    • Collaborating Investigators: Richard Robb, MD; Robert Peterson, MD
    • Grant Awarded: $1,000, #CECF-RF-1975-1
  • Pre-School Vision Testing





    • Principal Investigator: David S. Friendly, MD
    • Collaborating Investigator: Lois De Andrea, Rn
    • Irving, TX
    • Grant Awarded: $947.50, #CECF-RF-1975-3
  • Assessment of Optical Iridectomy in Incomplete Congenital Cataract





    • Principal Investigator: John S. Crawford, MD
    • Hospital for Sick Children Toranto, Canada
    • Grant Awarded: $2,425.00, #CECF-RF-1976-2
  • Practical Management of Amblyopia





    • Principal Investigator: Florencio Ching, MD
    • Orange, CA
    • Grant Awarded: $900.00, #CECF-RF-1976-2
  • Pattern of Traumatic Ocular Injuries in Children





    • Principal Investigator: Katherine M. Detre
    • Department of Epidemiology University of Pittsburgh
    • Grant Awarded: $760.00, #CECF-RF-1976-3
  • The Role of Vertical Saccades in the Surgical Management of Double Elevator Palsies





    • Principal Investigator: William E. Scott, MD
    • Division of Orthoptics, Department of Ophthalmology; University of Iowa; Iowa City, Iowa 52242
    • Grant awarded: $1320.00, #CECF-RF-1976-4
  • The Efficacy of Orthoptic Therapy





    • Principal Investigator: William E. Scott, MD
    • Division of Orthoptics; Department of Ophthalmology; University of Iowa; Iowa city, Iowa 52242
    • Grant Awarded: $2,300.00, #CECF-RF-1976-5
  • Pre School Vision Testing, a Clinical Research Proposal





    • Principal Investigator: Dr. David S. Friendly
    • Department of Ophthalmology; Children’s Hospital National Medical Center; Washington, DC 20009
    • Grant Awarded: $1,500.00, #CECF-RF-1976-6
  • Investigation of Dosage Requirements for Topically Applied Ophthalmic Drugs in Infants and Children





    • Principal Investigator: Thomas F. Patton, Ph.D.
    • Assistant Professor; Pharmaceutical Chemistry; University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas 66044
    • Grant Awarded: $3,950, #CECF-RF-1976-7

Student Loans

Zero interest loans, up to $10,000 each, were given to individuals for training fellowships conducted in North America. Priority was given to fellows who were seeking support for additional training after completion of a one-year fellowship program in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus and to fellows who were planning to pursue academic or teaching careers after completion of fellowship training.


  • Brenda Gallie, MD
  • Hilary J. Ronner, MD
  • Hilary Jane Ronner, MD 


  • Edward G. Buckley, MD
  • David Robins, MD 
  • Werner Cadera, MD 
  • Maria A. Musarella, MD
  • David Robins, MD 
  • Edward S. Parelhof, MD 


  • Rebeca Adams, MD 
  • Robert William Lingua, MD 
  • John W. Simon, MD 
  • Vincent J. Sutton, MD
  • Jane D. Kivlin, MD